Plants stolen from front garden

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Plants stolen from front garden were ‘stuffed into the boot’ of father’s Renault Espace before being driven to their new homes

Two men spent £1,500 driving around the south-east of England ‘copying Google Maps’ before attempting to sneak out at least two tonnes of stolen gorse and said they were planning to sell it.

The pair, who remain on bail, had a final, uneasy chat with police at their rendezvous point just before they tried to make their escape, a court heard.

The haul, stolen in a rip-off of gorse to be used as artificial turf, included fascias and mannequins.

It was estimated to be worth up to £10,000 in the grey market as it is in demand by cormetrics, people involved in a market that grows cormets – specimens of mosses and liverworts – that are used for nutritional supplements.

South East Essex police laid out an elaborate plot to catch the offenders in their own words.

Two men (pictured) who drove in a black Renault Espace from Bow to Slough were intercepted by police after nearly 70 tonnes of gorse was stolen from a plot at Ferndown, Dorset

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There were no fireworks, a plastic barrel or other dangerous items used in the heist, the trial at Chelmsford Crown Court heard.

It is believed two men in the village of Farnham were behind the robbery of the plot at Ferndown, Dorset.

One man drove a black Renault Espace with the other in the passenger seat while talking on the phone and mapping out the route.

The plan to take the gorse and manure was drawn up over four days by the second man, who arrived at the plot in the Espace on four days.

Sometime between Tuesday, August 22 and Wednesday, August 23, the pair managed to force open a gate and began taking off the gorse.

But two Dorset Constabulary officers were following the stolen vehicle and before it could be taken away, the thieves had to make their escape.

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