Ideas for arranging tire beds

What kind of flower beds can you make with your own hands?

Flower garden

Old worn-out car tires have found unexpected uses: they make original flower beds. You can simply put a tire in a flower garden, fill the interior space with earth and plant flower seedlings. Or you can get creative and create an interesting composition from several rubber tires. If you use your imagination, an entertaining plot with animals, birds, insects or kitchen utensils will appear in the front garden.

Garden fencing - for beauty and business benefit

Often, summer residents frame vegetable plantings with bumpers - this is not only beautiful, but also practical. Fences do not allow the soil to crumble, reduce the area of ​​weeding, and give the garden a neat, well-groomed look. If you have loose land on your site, which is constantly washed away by rains, this method of arranging a garden will be a real salvation. And the article Fences for beds: why, from what and how will help to choose an idea and materials for its implementation.

But fences can not only serve to make the site beautiful. A box made of boards or any other available material serves as the basis for the so-called "warm beds" - biofuel structures, organic raw materials that provide plants with nutrition, and a favorable temperature for growth. How to make a warm bed with your own hands, see the following video:

Vertical for ampelous plants

The simplest model of a tall flower bed is several tires stacked on top of each other.

You can't make a vertical bed of tires otherwise

It doesn't look very attractive, but this is only until the moment you pick up a brush. This is how this fantastic hero was created. And what kind of hairstyle he will have - long curls of cucumbers or perky curls of petunias - it's up to you to decide.

This minion has clearly lost his hair or hat somewhere.

Cartoon minions are very popular abroad. Such sculptures on the street and in courtyards are common.

American cartoon heroes can also be used in the garden.

Household utensils, especially teapots, have always inspired Russians to creative exploits.

And this teapot will tell everyone about your homeliness and hospitality.

A flower bed fountain is a space for imagination. We need to think carefully: what plants to plant on different tiers to get a continuous green cascade.

The flowerbed will become even more beautiful if you choose the right plants

Three tires in a pile, and on top of a visor and in front of us is a village well.

Such a well can be placed in the yard, on top of asphalt.

A beautiful garden with your own hands: stylish beds are easy

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Everything should be fine in a personal plot: the recreation area, the garden, and the beds. Each owner of a country house wants the garden to fit organically into the overall landscape design of the suburban area. So that the beds are not only fruitful, but also stylish. How to decorate a vegetable garden - 40 ideas and 10 important tips for arranging.

Beautiful vegetable garden: where to start

To create a beautiful garden with your own hands, you should start with a clear plan. Draw a diagram of your garden, taking into account all the vegetable crops that you are going to plant, soil fertility, lighting, groundwater, area and other factors.

Garden decoration: we place accents

Not only flower beds can be accents in the dacha landscape: starting the design of the beds in the dacha, use the aesthetic properties of vegetables and herbs. From them you can create both color accents and ornaments.

DIY garden fencing

Fencing for beds and flower beds is a must. It is necessary not only for aesthetics, but also so that you do not have to squelch between the beds in rubber boots after the rain on the washed-out ground. What can you make a fence for a garden bed? The most popular options are bricks, cinder blocks, stones, logs and boards, wicker fences, glass bottles and more.

Beautiful design of the beds: fence for the garden

The fence can be not only near the beds, but also near the garden area. You can add aesthetics to it, for example, with the help of a wicker or hedge, a low decorative wall made of brick, untreated stone, or fruit bushes.

Garden ideas: how to make beautiful garden beds

It is not necessary to plant plants in square or rectangular beds located one after the other. Turn on your imagination (based on the size of the area for the garden, of course). The beds can be arranged in a spiral shape, in the form of flower beds, ribbons, stars, and so on.

Editorial opinion:

- Do not forget about the possibilities of vertical beds, which allow you to free up space for a recreation area and flower beds. For example, herbs, strawberries, salads and even potatoes can be planted in vertical beds.

How to make a beautiful garden: a combination of plants in color and size

Consider the height of plants, their size, decorativeness and color when creating beds, focusing on the principles of decorating flower beds, but taking into account the fact that not all vegetables and herbs can successfully coexist with each other.

Landscaping of the garden: the recreation area of ​​the summer resident

The vegetable garden will be even more stylish if you place a small recreation area on its territory. For example, in a shade under a wide decorative arch, entwined with climbing plants. A chaise longue with a table or a hammock between the trees will also do.

Beautiful beds in the garden: do not forget about watering

You should also think over the irrigation system at the planning stage so that you do not stumble over the hoses later. Automatic irrigation (drip or subsoil), of course, is more profitable and easier - it frees up time for more enjoyable activities.

How beautiful to plant a garden: paths between the beds

How to make paths in the country between the beds? The ideal option is crushed stone or stone chips (and geotextiles for the base), which do not spread throughout the site and do not stick to shoes. What else can you cover the paths: wood cuts, boards, bricks, agrotechnical fabric, roofing felt, pebbles, concrete and much more.

How to decorate a garden beautifully: types of beds

What is a vegetable garden for? To harvest, for decorative purposes, for planting only greens for salad or only strawberries - based on the wishes, area and general design of the site, we choose the types of beds in the garden. The main options are:

  • traditional beds (as in most vegetable gardens)
  • tall beds (aesthetics, protection against moles and earlier harvest)
  • warm beds (layering)
  • smart beds (focus on fertilizers)
  • vertical beds
  • hanging beds:
  • beds from scrap materials
  • beds on the fence
  • multi-tiered beds
  • beds in pipes, containers and other options.

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