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Garlic Vine Care: Tips For Growing Garlic Vine Plants

By Teo Spengler

The garlic vine is a woody climbing vine with beautiful flowers. Native to the South America, it lends a tropical feel to gardens in zones 9 through 11. Click this article to learn about the false garlic plant and garlic vine propagation.

Sweet Potato Varieties

  • 'Beauregard': This popular commercial variety produces a potato with pale reddish skin and dark orange flesh that takes 100 days until it reaches maturity.
  • 'Bush Porto Rico': This compact vine yields a potato with copper skin and orange flesh after 110 days. This variety has big yields, so it's a good choice for smaller gardens.
  • 'Centennial': This cultivar offers good disease-resistance and is relatively quick to mature, averaging about 90 days to maturity.
  • 'Georgia Jet': Another fast-maturing variety, 'Georgia Jet' is prized for its reddish skin and orange flesh it matures in about 90 days.
  • 'Patriot': Outstanding pest-resistance makes this variety a popular choice for organic gardens. The potatoes have copper skin and orange flesh.

After two months of planting, the crop gets matured. Spring onions are ready to eat when the leaves become green and lush.

Cut out the bad leaves from outside, dig it around, lightly pull it. Then garnish it as a salad. Some people use it as a vegetable. Remove each bulb with a bunch of leaves carefully. It requires some caution.

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