Small decorative pond with a fountain

Small garden pond with fountain (7-7)

For those who do not have the opportunity to arrange a large pond on their personal plot, which requires large capital investments and additional space, we propose to arrange such a small, but very decorative decoration for the garden plot.

The basis of the artificial reservoir is a plastic bathtub.
The lining of the shore is small slabs of wild stone.

And if you also install a small pump with a fountain nozzle in the reservoir, then there will be something to see.

Usually, near such ponds, we arrange more lush mixborders of ornamental shrubs and herbaceous perennials. But in this case, the customer wished to mulch a large part of the coastal zone with pine bark.

The first thing to start with is choosing a suitable place to place a pond in the country. Of course, it is better if it is a location next to a place of constant rest - a gazebo or an arbor. It is also important to evaluate how sunny the selected site is. It is important that the sun does not shine on the pond all the time, leaving it in shade for about half a day. You should also not equip a pond from an old bath in the lowest place, otherwise it will constantly be polluted by groundwater.

Getting started, prepare all the necessary tools and materials: sand, crushed stone and cement, a shovel, a construction mesh, several spatulas, waterproof glue, a bucket, a building level and, of course, the bath itself. To make it easier to take out the earth after digging a pit, you can find a garden wheelbarrow.

Bath preparation

The bathroom needs to be given the desired color. Agree, there will be little beauty in the fact that through the transparent water all the cracks on the boring white enamel of the bottom of the improvised pond will be visible. To make the container more natural, it is painted in the desired color or covered with a special film. In addition, first it is necessary to cement the drain hole located in the side of the bath.

Digging a pit

While the treated tub dries in the sun, you can start digging a pit under it.

Think over the shape of the pit in advance - it should correspond to the shape of the container. To do this, you can put the bath in the chosen place and mark the boundaries of the future foundation pit. Now you can remove the top layer of turf and dig a hole.

After installing the bath in the finished pit, its sides should be about 30 cm below the edge of the pit - be sure to take this rule into account when controlling the depth. In the place where the drain is located near the bathtub, it is necessary to ensure the presence of an additional depression - there will be drainage.

Now we equip the drainage itself: we roll up a sheet of tin in the form of a funnel and fill it with gravel 15–20 cm above the level of the bottom of the pit. This will make it easier for you to drain the water from the pond during the autumn-winter period.

Now we cover the bottom of the pit with a small layer of rubble and fill it with sand, carefully tamp and take out the funnel.

Bath installation

In the places of the pit, where the corners of the bath will be, we install several bricks each and lower the container on them. It is important that the drain hole on the bottom of the tub is aligned with the drainage hole. To properly position the tub, you will need a winch and a few pairs of sturdy hands. Now it is necessary to align the bowl of the future pond so that its sides are located exactly relative to the upper edges of the pit.

Pour moistened sand between the walls of the bath and the edges of the pit, carefully tamping it. This completes the main construction stage - the bowl is installed and secured. Now you can move on to the internal arrangement of the pond.


On the sides in the bath we install a special mesh made of metal, coat it with a solution, inserting pebbles in some places - this is how the bottom of the pond will look natural. Armed with a skein of dense wire, you can make decorative rings from the mesh, from which you will equip thresholds and steps for aquatic plants, while making the outlines of the reservoir asymmetrical and natural.

We also remove the sod around the installed bath and lay a metal mesh. Thoroughly coat it with a solution of cement and sand, leaving a small strip along the sides of the plant bowl, fill the rest with large decorative stones, fixing them in a fixing solution.

Now you can start filling the pond with water and decorating. Plants play the main violin in the design - dwarf water lilies and decorative lilies are suitable, even an ordinary duckweed from the nearest natural reservoir looks picturesque. Perennials that prefer increased moisture can be planted around the pond, and the composition can be supplemented with garden figures - animals or fairy-tale characters.

Who can help in arranging a decorative pond and building a slide with a waterfall

Thank you for the information! I received an answer to many of my questions. Thanks again!

The construction of a reservoir in the country is very possible and feasible! Thanks a lot for the article!

You have suggested extraordinary ideas. In the future, you can take note. We made a very budget option. A deep hole was dug, an old Jacuzzi bathtub was installed in it, pre-treated with a special material so that it would not rust. The resulting mini-pond was overlaid with decorative stones and figures from the cartoon frog princess. And the fish were allowed into the pond itself.

I really want a small pond in the country, thanks for so many ideas. There is nowhere to take a walk, except that you can dig in an old bathtub and refine it, nothing came to mind. I liked the idea of ​​using car tires, you can make several such ponds and it's a good idea from a barrel, only I did not understand what was inserted inside, some kind of basin or what?

You will start such a pond in your yard and frogs will croak there, and even smell of mud. Although if you clean it probably with a fountain, all the more it will just fly away. And if you also make the bridge small, but of course this is not for our 6 acres. Although some manage to make such beautiful landscapes on such squares. I liked the illuminated fountain, my children would be delighted.

Excellent article, many good ideas. (I took note of the mini pond). And at the dacha we made a pond from an old bathtub, surrounded it with stones, planted hosts, and other flowers around. Yes, only here is one problem: the groundwater runs high and our site is low in a swampy area. A bath of water is pushed out, tortured to correct. Can someone tell me what to do?

Yes, I did not think that it would be so easy to make a pond near the house. Your article inspired so many original ideas, I already even know what I will do with the old bathroom)) But I consider it unsafe to place a pond right next to the house, since children are always playing near the house, I'm afraid that no one inadvertently dives into the water. You can run some fish there before winter)))

A person always strives for water) I want a large pool, but you can get by with a small pond)) There are so many ideas for organizing a reservoir in the article, you can choose for any wallet. A pond with a light or a fountain will create a special atmosphere. With fish for me already too much, because they need care! And the size of the pond in this case matters. Do not run them into a puddle)

Garden Fountain Care Secrets

There will be a beautiful fountain in the garden only if you provide it with the right care. Check the integrity of the structure regularly. If you find the slightest damage, turn off the device immediately, call an electrician. Pay attention to the condition of the spotlights, backlights, usually such devices require replacement of lamps. It is advisable to regularly empty the bowl, clean it, and change the water. Check the container for cracks, if you find something like that, fix it. For the winter period, it is better to disassemble hydraulic devices, drain the water. Choose a dry and warm place to store the pump and other devices.

Pond maintenance

In order for the pond to always remain fresh and not become a threat to the health of the inhabitants of the estate, it must be periodically cleaned - to drain the water and wash the container. Special means that suppress the development of microflora will help to maintain the transparency of the water. They are sold in specialized stores and are safe and environmentally friendly.

Summer playground by a small artificial reservoir

For the winter, the water from the decorative pond must be drained if there is a threat of its complete freezing. Broken walls are very difficult to restore, broken tightness can make the reservoir unusable completely.

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