The fence and the landscapes

Today, most of the fences are made of iron, but especially in mountain areas, the fence continues to survive as one of the most widely used fences. In reality, being made with wood, a natural material, it approaches quite well to mountain landscapes, but also to those seascapes where the contact with nature is much more intense than in a garden that instead surrounds a house located in a center. urban. Of course, nothing prevents you from using the fence as you see fit, it is just a matter of emphasizing how over time this particular fence has decisively defined the space in which it is located, creating perfect harmony.

The wood of the fence

The wood used for the construction of the fence is always treated in a natural way so that it can prove to be a rather resistant material over time. The fence is continuously exposed to atmospheric agents, this means that rain and frost, which hit it during the winter, will not cause damage. Of course, those who buy a fence do so because they need to fence a certain area and therefore want this fence to be as long-lasting as possible. Today, thanks to the use of impregnated oils, which make the wood even more resistant to the action of rain, all this is possible.

The main areas of use

The fence has always been used as a fence for animals, both small and large, and creates a delimitation around the perimeter of the area, a protection capable of protecting both the animals that are kept inside and the people outside. The fence can be purchased directly from specialized shops, where it is sold in modules. It means that based on the model chosen, it will be necessary to put several modules together in order to create a fence. The coloring of the wooden fence is left in its natural state, but nothing prevents the use of specific substances to be able to paint it. In this way it will be possible to give the fence a definitely original look.


The maintenance of the fence, although it does not have to be constant, periodically requires retouching because, after several years of exposure to the sun and cold, the wood inevitably tends to deteriorate so it will be necessary to resort to the use of specific substances in order to be able to buffer the damage that wood has undergone. If the fence should suffer an impact and therefore be damaged, it can be easily repaired by purchasing the module in the shop to replace the broken one. If you made it yourself, just go to a wood shop to buy the missing part.


The fence is firmly fixed in the ground so that it can be resistant even to strong gusts of wind. These are important characteristics that are the basis of its solidity, for this reason the installation of the fence must be carried out by competent people. The fence, in most cases, is fixed directly in the ground, so it will be necessary to dig rather deep grooves within which to place it, so that the wind and shocks do not damage it. To know the depth of the groove in which to insert the fence you need to have specific skills and therefore if you are not up to the necessary skill it is always preferable to rely on a specialized person.

Delimitation of a space

The garden can sometimes be surrounded with a fence, while an iron fence is used for the rest of the house. In this case, the fence emphasizes the place where there are strongly natural elements such as animals, or paths to reach particular plant species, and harmonizes perfectly with everything else. The fence is lower than a classic fence, so it only serves to delimit the space. Those who do not feel protected enough by this type of fence would do well to surround the house with a different and rather high fence.

Originality and aesthetics

The fence is however a rather characteristic model that knows how to give the space a truly unusual and natural look, and will certainly not spoil the image of the garden, but only enrich it. For those who then want to make it by dedicating themselves to the construction, at DIY stores or at a carpenter it is possible to buy the appropriate and necessary wood for its construction, always remembering to ask for advice on how to fix it or on how to approach it in a corrected the various modules between them. The costs differ according to the model purchased, it is always advisable to make an aesthetic choice in this case, because the fence always has a strong impact compared to the rest of the garden.

Fences: Fences

It is really impossible to do without the very useful tips that we will make available to you through the new section of our site. The topic on which we will focus is that of garden fences, which, like any solution for your green corner, can be divided into a series of product categories to be carefully evaluated.

This is the prerequisite for always making the best decisions. This time, for example, we focus on a product like fences, perfect for those who have animals and at the same time tend to give more and more importance to the aesthetic component, rather than the functional one. In short, we invite you to let yourself be seduced.

Fences - garden




Wooden fences are widely used in agriculture mainly with the function of delimiting spaces. They are a valid alternative to the walls that are also used for delimiting purposes, but unfortunately this solution blocks both the vision and the passage. The fences or fences as you want to define them, are used to offer a visual sectioning of the spaces. In this way areas destined for cultivation are divided from areas destined for grazing.

In recent times, these delimitation solutions have also been exploited in cities. In fact they are used to enclose the gardens of the houses, elegantly replacing the iron fences, to delimit pedestrian areas, cycle paths, children's play areas or to protect the vegetable gardens that are now abundant in all the gardens and terraces of our cities.

We at Showtime Italy are well aware that choosing to place fences in your home, terrace or garden, is a logical and at the same time aesthetic choice. Fences can vary a lot in terms of materials and prices. For this reason, with the category: Fences, we offer a wide range of fences suitable for any type of space.

With Fence for fence in Brown Plastic 150X55we offer a plastic fence, resistant to atmospheric agents. A fence that we sell in comfortable modules of 150x55 cm, easily modular, suitable for various needs, you can, in fact, decorate your gardens or terraces by delimiting your garden or your rose garden protecting it from children or your pets.

Fence for fence in impregnated wood 55x30 cm h.15 / 30 Europeinstead, it is a very elegant fence, which can be used for purely aesthetic demarcation purposes. In fact, being 15 cm tall it can help to demarcate your flowers and at the same time give order and style to your garden.

Showtime Italy surpasses itself in the fences category with the offer of Fence for fence in impregnated wood 80x180 cm Europe is 100x180 cm Europe impregnated wooden fence for fence. High quality pine wood fences, which at the same time offer resistance to anti-mold agents and molds and at the same time thanks to its simple style it is suitable for any type of environment that is a garden, a terrace or could also be used in urban common areas. For these fences we also offer Gate for fence fence 80x100 cm impregnated wooden fence Europeis Gate for fence fence 100x100 cm impregnated wooden fence Europe which is the perfect outfit for European fences.

Finally, Shotime Italy offers Rollborder border fence fence in wood 200X30 europe FSC is Rollborder Fence border in wood 180x20 European FSC , a border designed to quickly and easily obtain a boundary for your vegetable garden or for your garden. The border is assembled through an iron wire and therefore could be easily shortened to the desired size if necessary.


Vecchiano we have built a fence to delimit a garden internally. The materials used were plasticized “T” iron poles and plasticized loose mesh 2.8 mm diameter. To complete the work, the customer asked for the installation of a painted pedestrian gate.

An important fence to protect the crops was built in the municipality of Crespina Lorenzana. In this case the problem was the intrusion of wild boars inside the fields. The solution was found with the use of electrowelded mesh panels fixed to chestnut poles with a diameter of 8-10 cm.

At the La Rosa locality in Terricciola, a well-known client commissioned us to build a fence made with chestnut poles. The very wide extension of the development has allowed us to offer a very advantageous price.

In Montefoscoli, in the municipality of Peccioli, the installation and supply of network and fencing

The dog center in the municipality of Pisa has asked us for a network supply. The possibility to work directly with the producers of net and poles allows us the possibility to offer competitive prices from industrial production.

In the Cevoli locality in the municipality of Casciana Terme Lari, the fence was made with acacia poles. This particular type of pole offers resistance and durability superior even to chestnut.

A customer residing in the Municipality of Santa Croce sull'Arno owns a property in Castelfranco di Sotto where he manages a farm. In this case the difficulty was the management of his dog as when the customer went to the agritourism complex he wanted to leave his dog in a free space.

Speaking of farms, an interesting request came from a farmer from San Miniato who decided to delimit a small portion of a field destined for vineyards. His decision was to start cultivating truffles in this small portion, and the installation of a fence proved to be a solution to protect both the product and from the intrusion of animals such as wild boars, porcupines or other.

In a farmhouse in San Giuliano Terme the property also manages a swimming pool. On the basis of the regulations that provide for the protection of the area surrounding the pool, we have built a fence in chestnut poles and a loose mesh net fixed internally. The green color of the net made it possible to camouflage the net and the prominence of the chestnut poles kept the aesthetic sense in harmony with the environment.

In a farm in the municipality of Bientina, the existing fence had major tears and many posts had lost their stability. Tecnogreen removed the demolished net by replacing the damaged sections with a new net and chestnut poles.

At Cascina Tecnogreen was consulted for the solution of a problem of intrusion of porcupines in a vegetable garden. The construction of a fence with an underground net for about 20 cm prevented the animals from digging and lifting the net.

Even simple arrangements of fences are requests that ask us. A client residing in Santa Maria a Monte presented us with a case. A new fence built a year earlier but which allowed animals to enter. We proceeded to cut some electro-welded mesh panels and fix them at a depth of 30 cm aligned with the mesh itself. This deterrent has been an obstacle to the attempts of the animals.

Another case occurred in a chicken farm in Calcinaia. In that case the existing fence was high enough but not high enough to prevent the entry of a beech marten that has raided chickens twice. The application of extensions bent outwards fixed at the top of the poles represented an insurmountable obstacle for the predator.

In Pontedera and Ponsacco we have two customers who annually ask us for the routine maintenance of dog fences. Internally these fences are divided with gates, but simple maintenance allows the maintenance of functionality.

A farm in Montopoli in Val d'Arno has decided to offer its customers the opportunity to take advantage of the products of a vegetable garden grown near the structure. Sage, rosemary, tomatoes and basil are the plants that tourists can use to cook inside their apartments. Obviously, the garden has been delimited with an aesthetically nice and tidy fence keeping the cultivation intact away from unwanted animals.

Wooden screen and wooden fences are the preferred way to protect the garden or garden from wind and noise. Not only do they serve a functional purpose, but they also look very stylish and elegant. Made of natural wood, mostly larch wood, they are available in various shapes and designs.

You can peacefully enjoy nature and the warm rays of the sun without being disturbed - the privacy screen acts as a fence and is a visual enhancement in the garden. Curious insights stay out of your private sphere. Here we have gathered some of these viewers. Take a look and make up your mind for your garden project.

Privacy protection of wood paneling and a classic bench - seating area in the garden

Interesting and beautiful outdoor dining

Modern design solution for the garden

Decorative plant species - large pots

Building a wooden fence - protective and beautiful

Comfortable, cozy outdoor seating area - wooden garden furniture

Wooden, ergometric lounger in the garden - enjoy the warm sun

Modern idea for wooden fence - English style

Wooden equipment in the garden - in fact, but nice

Attractive wooden privacy screen in the front yard

Grilled screen - varnished wood

Large swimming pool integrated in the backyard

Fences - garden

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